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05 April 2017 12:09 Post ID: #478775
They mean nowt in theory here as they're easy to manipulate in order to sway the mindset but we go over them every year anyway.

With this years due to be published, it's important to factor in where we are at the present time because how the club looked at a previous state in the last 18 months or so doesn't tell the whole story.

The last couple of sets have shown a paper profit of around £51m in total but McClaren spent £73m Net on signings whilst Rafa recouped £30m in his dealings.

The difficulty in guessing is that you have to know exact dates and every in or out.

At a pure guess, id say the cash that was available in the bank at £48m in the last accounts was the main strength behind the McClaren waste and whatever profit there was lined up in the way of player sales or other to make up the deficit in the £73m spend, will determine the loss this time round or break even figure.

My guess is that we'll announce a very small loss.

In regards to this season and the next year, our turnover last year before anything else was around £130m. This was made up of between £50m - £70m from the TV deal and around £4m prize money as well as the sponsorship, commercial and gate money.

This season sees that go down obviously but the overall picture is not as bad as it could have been.

We will get the £40m parachute lump as well as around £7m for being on the telly, prize money and other fees from the league. Sponsorship may not have been affected that much although the corporate side will have suffered.

Gates are up and so will the spend at the club shop or the various outlets for owt NUFC related. Again with pure guess work, id estimate the turnover for this season to be around £90m but lets not forget the profit made in the Summer window gone. This may have been the difference in breaking even to keep the books right.

Wages will be down but percentage will increase in relation to turnover and to clarify for the umpteenth time that I know nowt about financials, im guessing that although we may post a loss, the £30m profit gained in the Summer window will show as cash in the bank in relation to a future transfer kitty. Im probably wrong like but we go up and there's no excuse not to speculate to accumulate.

As an example. Finishing 17th in the premier league if we go up will be worth at least £110m before you add on the gate and sponsorship/commercial cash. A potential turnover of £160m+

Just waiting for my figures to be shot down now........
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06 April 2017 10:05 Post ID: #478797 - in reply to #478775
Accounts are out. As expected, a gloomy picture aside from the reported £4m profit.

Thanks Mike.
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06 April 2017 10:37 Post ID: #478799 - in reply to #478775
First Team Regular
No sign of figures for commercial income, the one area they have destroyed under his tenure.

Until he fucks off, his toxic brand, will engender very little local business investment.

For a one club city, that is the underlying item, that sums up his time here.

The fat cunt.............
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06 April 2017 12:41 Post ID: #478800 - in reply to #478775
Interesting that Charnley says that the next accounts will show a spend regardless of the transfer profit we made.

On one hand you can understand that a staggered pay plan for sales makes sense in the long term but not when you pay all your own deals with straight cash. Unless there's a hidden intention behind it, which there will be.
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06 April 2017 19:52 Post ID: #478804 - in reply to #478800
Anything the club put out is suspect and cannot be trusted .
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06 April 2017 22:52 Post ID: #478812 - in reply to #478775
First Team Squad
I don't really think it means as much as it does with other clubs, which are publicly owned, or with a consortium therefore a board.

He owns the club. It's only himself he needs to satisfy with numbers, not other investors.

And we all know how he likes to satisfy himself with profit.

Thus the numbers, really don't mean so much.

If they were big negatives for any reason, he'd ship out. The numbers are down, but only for him, because he fucked up, again.
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07 April 2017 00:00 Post ID: #478814 - in reply to #478775
I see it more as trying to let us down gently in advance although there's still no mention yet of the new sponsorship deals and the advance cash there'll be for that.
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07 April 2017 01:59 Post ID: #478815 - in reply to #478775
First Team Squad
Just back from our fair city,still has a beautiful skyline tho.
Agree with d.l.g.nowt changes until the piece of shit sells up.
He's playin us,warra cunt.Bit like the tories & the food banks.
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