Newcastle United - Defoe Not Going To Toon
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Defoe Not Going To Toon

Tottenham sold Michael Carrick to Manchester United for 15million this weekend, but Martin Jol says he is looking to buy ... not sell ... and any interest in Defoe will be waved away.

The London press were quick to put Newcastle at the head of the queue after Ferguson copped out, but Defoe is staying at White Hart Lane.

The north London club made a profit of just over 12million on Carrick and already have Ivory Coast international Didier Zokora as a ready-made replacement.

Martin Jol, who failed to hide his disappointment at Carrick's decision to walk out on the club, says Newcastle will not be so lucky.

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The Journalist

Writer:  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday July 30 2006

Time: 12:26PM

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I cant understand any decent player wanting to go to newcastle at the moment other than the
Shropshire Yid
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30/07/2006 12:49:00

Defoe is not going to the Toon and why would he want to?
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30/07/2006 12:53:00

Walk on by toons. A london lad, playing for a london club that are going places would never choose a sub-standard Geordie side for anything. Your best hope are northerners that like money more than football!
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30/07/2006 12:57:00

I'd never even heard the rumour but there is no chance he would want to, nevermind Spurs wanting to sell him.
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30/07/2006 12:57:00

Defoe very overrated. 9 goals last season? Hardly what I'd call prolific. Perennial under-achievers Spurs finish 2 places above us and qualify for the UEFA Cup like us and their fans think they are Arsenal! You couldn't make it up, could you. To replace the world class legend Shearer we need a world class striker - certainly not some bloke who couldn't even make the rubbish England squad in the World Cup. Christ, even an Arsenal 16 year old reserve was preferred over him! Says it all really.
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30/07/2006 13:26:00

Thats because Keane was favoured over him. Have you not considered that we actually have the option to bench Defoe?! What have you Geordies got? washed-out about-to-retire and a past-his-best injury prone 20 million quid stikers.. - How many did Owne get last season? Less that 9. Bring on Luque? Overpriced crap. He is utterly clueless. Keane / Defoe / Berbatov.. you cant even begin to compare. For God's sake, you still play Boumsong and Bramble at the back until your manager, whos relegated nearly every team he's managed, buckles up and attracts some decent who isn't just money hungry. When all that money runs out, i think we will see Newcastle slowly drip where they belong in the 11-16 place. Rant over. About the 5th place finish, we will still be around a bout there this season. Where will you be?
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30/07/2006 13:44:00

Well you've just proven my point. If Defoe is worse than the decidely average Keane then he can't be good enough for NUFC. And as I said, if we're that crap and also started the season with that massive handicap of Souness, how come we only finished 2 places below you lot AND beat you 3-1! Oh, and why did Duff choose us over you lot? Face it, Spurs are the Everton of North London. But hey, good luck for next season!
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30/07/2006 14:05:00

Keane average??!!! 16 goals last season when he didn't even play every game says not.
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30/07/2006 14:21:00

ok, you may have only finished a couple places behind us, duff may have chosen you over us (if your blind enough to see why thats your problem). On the basis that you receive 75 % more fans through those gates doesnt give you the right to claim a bigger fan base like you have been doing for the last two weeks,It only means that you are bringing in more money on a sat afternoon, now to my point, sorry its taken me a long time to get there, what players have you bought in the last few seasons or nurtured through the ranks that you can say have been a success or credit to the set-up at newcastle. How many players now shearer has retired do you guys really hold deep to your heart from a fans point of view. At spurs it would be easier to name those that we dont have a passion for, roll on stalteri and occasionally lee, other than that we are happy with our whole squad. If you was to take given out of the equation i guess you wouldnt be bothered about replacing any of your outfiled players based on the last few season performances. Please respond with some adult and mature comments instead of the flippent remarks that were being branded around the Duff saga, i havent come on here for a row but just a discussion about our beloved teams. Good Luck next season, although unless you bring in another stiker i do feel that you might find it a tough and gritty season.
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30/07/2006 14:28:00

Hey flaming lop, You had Englands best striker on your books for years, and still won f*** all. Last season we had a young team that took time to gel, it's well known we lost silly points in the last mnute of a few games. Thoe points would have put us within 2 points of manure. If we only finish a couple ofpoints above you this year, then you can call us underachievers.
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30/07/2006 14:36:00

fried mars bar eating fat faggots
jol ie good
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30/07/2006 14:41:00

If Defoe comes to NUFC, that's great. A lot of people tend to forget that Newcastle United have created a lot of valuable footballers who have gone on to be a established name in other football clubs. Newcastle may not be in their prime but it hasn't stopped them from being where they are now - a business!
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30/07/2006 15:22:00

youll see how "over-rated" defoe is this year when he outscores owen, ameobi and luque because things are different now. you'll see that defoe playey a lot last year but a lot of appearances were as a substitute and he will be the top scoring englishman this year
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30/07/2006 15:30:00

king. dawson. davenport. gardener. all on a DIFFERENT PLANET to your fumbling, crude back to jokers.
jol ie good
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30/07/2006 16:36:00

ghost town site. computers and electricity cant have made it up there yet
jol ie good
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30/07/2006 16:38:00

Defoe will never go to Newcastle in a million years, Toon dont need a striker they need 4 defenders COYS
North Devon Spurs
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30/07/2006 17:11:00

I feel sorry for NUFC, I don't hate them like the gooners or spammers. But lets face it they have spent a lot of money and have very passionate fans but still have a sh!t team and have won f!!k all for many years. My heart goes out to you, but I'll cheer myself with a double over you lot this season. Come on you SPURSSSSSSSSSS
Vincent Vega
Report Abuse
30/07/2006 17:13:00

newcastle r on the road to the championship so why would anyone want to go there. by the way YESSSSSSSSSSS CARRICK IS OURS
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30/07/2006 17:14:00

What I cant understand is why people think that Newcastle are a club that deserves good players. Especially when Duff 'followed his heart' and went to the Geordies. Spurs are a team going somwhere, and WHEN we qualify for the Champions league next season and Newcastle once again join the mediocre teams of the North-East in a pit of despair and when Damien Duff is kicking himself, I shall be laughing at the stupid Geordies for thinking that they are more than just an average club.......YID ARMY!
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30/07/2006 17:16:00

Just to make things clear Toon Army, Winston Churchill was Prime Minister last time you won anything worth talking about. Most of your fans have never seen you win anything in their lifetime. Just cos you have 50000+ mugs who waste their wages/giros watching you every week does not make you a big club. COYS!
Report Abuse
30/07/2006 19:28:00

Defoe aint going anywhere, he's tied to a long contract and just look at what he said last week!! Note Carrick said f all, maybe he actually felt a bit threatened with Zokora and the Hudd hot on his heels?! Back to Defoe, different kettle of fish, he's a londoner and he won't be happy up north! He knows that he's wanted at Spurs and that Spurs are on the up and after what happened at West Ham I'm sure he don't want half of London hating him!!! Also Spurs showed with Carrick that players still leave on our terms even if they want to go, eg cos he had only 2 years left and Utd still coughed up up2 18m when they started offering around half and knowing that he wanted to leave! Now every other player we have that could be wanted by any top team is tied to a long contract so imagine how much any1 would have to pay to get them?!! Also with our squad and money, we are the 1's that can go around bullying and un-settling players! Any player with 1 brain cell can see that Newcastle pretty much need to completely over-haul their defence, now if you were to give us 15m for Defoe which is the minimum, where will you get the rest of the money to do that? A fact that surely any player can see and hence render it pointless in joining Newcastle if you want success! Also when Owen returns, again like i said about United (rooney + Defoe with Ronaldo and Giggs), why would you want two shorties when you have Duff and Solano to cross the ball in, it makes no sense to me? By the way Luque was brilliant in Spain for the mighty Depor (thats my other team BTW) and I don't know what Newcastle have done to him, but its a shame! Why he choose Newcastle I do not know, he should have left Depor for an even bigger team ie Barca as was rumoured or the likes!! In a way serves him right for leaving to Newcatle, should have held out for hte really big move! But he offers pace, skill, strength and goals if you know how to get it out of him! But he needs to play in a 4-3-3 to really get the most out him as he's not a conventional winger nor a conventional striker, he's somewhere in between so perfect for the 4-3-3! You need a creative maestro in the centre similar to some1 like Bergkamp (hahaha he's gone arse scum!) to find the space for Luque's runs and Newcastle neither play that formation nor have that knid of player, he'd probably flourish across at the scum so its good they aint got him! As I said elsewhere players should fit the system, not the system fit the players! Duff will fit the 4-4-2 but then Newcastle are 10m down on the Luque transfer and will probably only get half that back at the mo if they could find a Spanish suitor cos no prem team will take the risk! Depor aint got the though, but I'd love him back! Neway back to the gr8 yiddos, Newcastle got no chance so just watch Defoe bang them in this season and get 20+ and be English top striker - BIG MISTAKE BENFICA REJECT ERICSSON NOT TAKING HIM TO WC but we'll reap the benefit, as has already been shown in pre-season!
El Jefe
Report Abuse
30/07/2006 20:23:00

You're a bitter lot, eh? Seriously. Support your own team instead of slating others.
Report Abuse
31/07/2006 00:26:00

Not bitter just realists! You have no defence, the truth is the truth! As such to replace it with quality costs a lot of money and you cannot expect to pick up bargain's like Duff every day! Mind you what you save in transfer fees you pay in wages - 70,000 is a ***** load!!!!! Spurs need less to challenge for CL place, 2 players a RB nad a LW, which with the Carrick sale we have the money for! Newcastle need atleast 4 players and Owen back! A partner for Owen, 2 CB's and a LB, also seeing as Owen might not play this season, really need 5 players to do anything this year! Jury's still very much out on Emre aswell! Common sense says Spurs are better positioned to challenge than Newcastle, so players also see this, so in Defoe's case why move?
El Jefe
Report Abuse
31/07/2006 01:22:00

of all the crap i have read only el jeffe has anything worth reading. yeah, for reasons well known to the football world, we are struggling, with a few more signings i will be alot more confident in our season. i wanted keane here a few years ago and i would take defoe any day, he's not amazing, but with a big target man playing with him he can cause untold trouble for defesive players. yeah, we need more players and we don't have the depth that you lot have at the moment, but until recently (the last 2 seasons) we have been a top 4/5 team, and while i admit we have slipped under the awful souness we will i hope be pushing for those places again. i don't think we are far from it again. i have to ask the question, where would you lot be if you didn't have Jol, who i must say has been a great manager who has been the only reason you have done as well as you have over the last few years. you take away boumsong, we finished with one of the better defensive records in the prem, we just really struggled to score, which is the problem we are trying to sort now. our midfield is one of the best in the prem , but as said very short with no really height in midfield or upfront, hence we are looking at harewood, klose, ashton etc. altho money does talk, as with any club in the prem, yes we are ina position to offer more, as we are a bigger club, with the revenue to support it, as well as the ability to sell out our ground week in and week out, you have only been able to do this since jol really took hold. before you rubbish that its true, i have many mates who are tottenham fans and season ticket holders. as for our players, i hope luque comes good, its clear that roeder is trying to change our style in play, with pacey players and maybe a new formation. so i hope we see more of him coming out this year. as for success, of course we can offer it, not in the past but in the future, we are tring to rebuild our club after two really bad years, in the prem we have been alot better than you lot, and will be in future years. look at the stats, we finish higher and we always take point from you. so thank you for our 6 points in advance. also, tottenham is a real ***** hole, admit it, what a dive. very funny commenty about no electricity up north, but at least our locals speak english. and for carrick to leave says you don't have much to offer do you? oh, unless you mean jenas is gona come good HAHAHA. we do thank him for that great miss last season. or you mean carrick was scared that davids would take his place, that has been. what does he offer? oh, wait, it was you or bolton he could go to? hmmmm, maybe he picked you cos you would pay him more money. oh wait, has the penny dropped yet. at least we could land luque, duff, owen. proven talents with something still left to offer. and you know they would walk into your first team. nead a LW do you? duff, n'zogbia? you lot are only bitter and slag off other teams as your local rivals always give you a hammering and u'll never match them. jol will be gone in a few years after you get no success. the new leeds, thats all you are.
Report Abuse
31/07/2006 03:14:00

magpies started off with some vaild comments until small mindedness got the better of him and until he finally lost his memory with the points comment. Jenas looks a better player today than he did 12 months ago and there is no way he would have made the England squad if he had stayed at Newcastle. Owen is what 23?/24? so hopefully he has something left and as for getting a hammering no-one did that last season to us, what about Newcastle? Hmmm.
Report Abuse
31/07/2006 05:13:00

jenas did make the england squad while playing at newcastle. altho, it doesn't matter what team he plays for he just isn't good enough for england. i hope owen still has lots to offer us. i just hope our ever full treatment room doesn't see him too often. our biggest loss 2-4 to villa or 3-0 to chelsea. our biggest win 1-4 over the mackems. beating you 1-3 and having you in our pocket for the game, well most of it, was a big result tho. what was your heaviest loss? yeah, i did feel the need to rant a little, only because of the pettiness of the above comments and the fact i didn't think anyone on here had anything decent to say about football.
Report Abuse
31/07/2006 07:51:00

I'm a Spurs fan and to be honest i have soft spot for Newcastle, the reason for this is that you remind me of how Spurs were a few seasons ago, No 'decent' youngsters coming through the ranks, stupid transfer fees paid for 1 or 2 strikers and ridiculously over inflated player contracts. It's not just the manager that turns teams round, it's the whole team behind the scenes. daniel levy has revitalised spurs with a great youth policy and a refusal to make the mistakes that were made before - i.e paying Carrick stupid wages (let Manure do that). Should Freddy Shepard not try the same revolution at Newcastle rather than just splashing silly money everytime the transfer window opens-desparation and panic buying gets you knowhere - look what happened to us with Rebrov, Postiga and recently that lurch Rasiak. Good luck for the season as I have a suspicion that you'll need it.
Report Abuse
31/07/2006 10:32:00

you only get 50,000 each week because your pies are good and none of your wifes/girlfriend/boyfriends can cook.
jol ie good
Report Abuse
31/07/2006 19:05:00

mr ash. you are right, it is the whole team and behind the scenes staff that turn around a team, and this revolution is happening at the toon now. i for one would like shepherd out as i don't like football clubs being run like a business, which is what they all are now. yes, under souness we did make some massive panic buys, yes, shepherd was at fault for being sucked in by souness for these buys. but before the souness era we didn't buy so badly , amybe apart from robert, but who still did a job for us (every now and then) not forgetting those two stunners against you. still, he was a lazy git who i was glad to see the back of, viana, was never prem quality, and i won't even mention the name of our broekn fingered defender who refused to play. our bad transfer record has only been over the last few year. EVERY team, buys bad players at stupid prices and pays unreasonable wages for some players. you can't think that you are a perfect team that isn't paying the money. is 5mil for duff too much? i hope we and the whole league stop this stupid money greedy transfer market, eg 24mil for wright phillips, thats ludicris. 15mil for carrick is far too much imo, what did he cost 3mil? good business for you. jol has been amazing for you, but i'm not blind to think that it is just the manager that has made the difference with you. we do have a few good names coming through the ranks, taylor, ramage, o'brien, pattison? maybe you could throw n'zogbia in there, altho obviously isn't home grown we have had him for a while now and he is a great talent. yeah, we are gona need a few strikers this season, its no secret, but we have never been a team to write off (unless we play manure), we hold our own in the league and roeder is turning us around, i'm willing to give him a cpl of seasons. pls, just wish us luck in buying a few strikers. every team could replace their starting eleven with better players, but our defence finished with one of the better records last year, its just easy for the press to bag us while they praise other teams with the same record, our midfield is looking very strong now. two more buys in the transfer window and we'll be there. i for one am glad the league is starting to close the gap through the mid table towards the top as it makes for a better league and much more entertaining having 6 teams compete for the 4-6th place finish. jol ie good. we have 49,000 season ticket holders, another 16,000 on a waiting list, we could fill our ground everyday of the week. the only way you could fill your ground is if you leave the hose running. jusy because you have a big squad doesn't mean you should start gloating yet. as i said and you all seem to be not commenting on, season in and season out we usually do a number on you, i don't think this trend will end too soon.
Report Abuse
31/07/2006 23:39:00

Geordies - Ah, good accent, good people! You can come second to Spurs no problem! Just make sure you stop ruining Luque - he's a quality player, but I have to admit he does have a dodgy temprement! Newcastle don't half pick them do they!!!!! He's a dirty Catalan though, which = serious minus points!
El Jefe
Report Abuse
01/08/2006 00:16:00

thanks jefe! luque, you have to take into account 'the souness' era, he could wreck anyone. he has scored 4 in 5 in pre season football, so i hope he is starting to show us his worth. but you have to take into consideration that the spanish and english leagues are different, maybe he just needs a bit longer after having such a bad season and a bad injury last year. and the press always wip things up, app he isn't learning english, app his family aren't moving over here etc etc. he can do all his talking on the pitch in the prem. i think he'll get the chance, even if for the fact that we haven't got anyone else by the start of the season. we'd be mad not to try him.
Report Abuse
01/08/2006 06:43:00

Magpies, yes you are right that Tottenham is a *****hole (far worse than that other *****hole Newcastle actually) but unlike you Geordies, us Spurs fans in general don't live in the immediate vicinity. The 3-1 game was very even as well, Spurs misssed a *****load of chances while you took yours. Unlike the game at WHL where we destroyed you 2-0, which hardly reflected our absurd dominance.
Report Abuse
03/08/2006 18:30:00

so you are saying you lot couldn't finish your dinners? if you were so dominant and we are co crap why was it only 2-0? if we are talking about destroying each other, hmmmmm 7-1?
Report Abuse
04/08/2006 00:43:00

It was only 2-0 because you were lucky. Can't you read?
Report Abuse
04/08/2006 19:55:00


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