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From a friendly Villa fan.

With everything going on at my club and fans reaction, I was wondering how other fans see things.

I wanted a view from passionate fans so I chose you guys.

I expect some abuse for visiting here but if a few people could take the time to answer I'd appreciate it.

1) How do view events going on a Villa Park in the search for a new manager and do you see Villa as a laughing stock?

But more importantly

2) How would you react if your club were looking to appoint Steve Bruce



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The Journalist

Writer: Ken Waugh  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday June 14 2011

Time: 10:54AM

Your Comments

Rather amused at the Villa fiasco. Never really cared one way or the other about Villa or its fans, until the shameful, disgraceful performance of your fans against us when we went down. down. It was so far over the top, it went into orbit. I remember thinking "They wouldn't have gone to these extremes if it had been their nearest rivals" Only Everton fans were (and are STILL) worse. We were baffled, what the hell had we done to Villa fans to warrant this ? It was the football press of course, the less intelligent swallowed every lie and never once thought "Hang on a minute, that doesn't add up" and so Villa fans created a whole lot of unnecessary bad feeling with Newcastle fans. We thoroughly enjoyed rubbing your noses in your own ***** in the 6-0. And now, you're getting a little taste of what WE got thrown at us - nowhere near as bad, of course as the press don't hate you like they hate us - and for an awful lot less reason. (Read Mick Dennis from a NEUTRAL view and see what we mean. Chris Hughton's sacking was "the fans fault" for example, even though the fans went ballistic in defence of Chrissy) But your fans are demanding they don't want him or him or him they want a TOP manager. They will attract top managers off other prem clubs A LOT worse than we were pilloried for, isn't it ? And we were and ARE getting 20% bigger attendances, sell more club gear etc etc etc Villa fans aren't getting the obscene amount of abuse we got, from the other fans - more amused than anything, and puzzled how Villa fans seem to think they're so highly thought of (still nowhere near as bad as Liverpool or Everton fans) but take comfort from the fact you'll never have an actual campaign by the Football media, Radio and TV and far FAR more - the PRESS spending every day attacking your club city and fans as we did.
Roman history fan
I don't think Villa will ever become a national laughing stock, because they don't have a national profile. Possibly the most boring club in English football I'd suggest. No one would ever care enough to laugh at them. They could win 5 titles in a row, and people would still say "oh them boring ****s". They're just a non-descript club who no one will ever care about enough to talk about them at length, as obviously they do and have done about us for years, so no you could go in the Conference, and wouldn't be a laughing stock, no one would notice or care. I find Everton a more interesting club and support than Villa, which says it all. Secondly yeah I'd have Bruce over Pardew personally.
Cheers Roman. Interested to hear you say Villa fans seem to think they're so highly thought of. You are so correct. Many believe we have a divine right to any manager we like because we are AVFC. They think we are a massive club. Just unrealistic in my view. And apologies for the reaction from some of our supporters when you were relegated, we're not all like that. The 6-0 did hurt as well lol Thanks again
You sir are an idiot
Oh, dont worry Newcastle fans, the feelings are mutual from us to you. As for Villa, the Toon lads have my opinion pretty much spot on.
You sir are also an idiot!
Hope you get McLeish and get relegated you horrible brummie ********s, after the way you behaved on the day we were relegated i have nothing but contempt for your ***** pot club and ***** fans.
I look at Aston Villa as a big club, I put them about the same level as Newcastle United. Just your fans are c**** and our fans are amazing. I don't think Aston Villa a laughing stock to be honest, maybe because nobody cares.
El Toro
one banner from one fan MickMartin, I lived in Newcastle and love the Toon and was gutted you went down. Also saw plenty of good Toon fans talking with Villa at the end and shaking hands. Don't judge all by one banner!
The Fear
I can partly agree with The Fear about 1 fan giving everyone a bad name as we get that every time the sky cameras are outside our ground and they deliberately pick the thickest people to speak to..
I've got nothing against villa, in many ways they're similar to us - what with their past glories and lack of silverware. However, I think Villa have a long long way to go before they even begin to put up with what we have had to endure under Ashley. We're made to look a laughing stock by constantly changing managers for no good reason, our owner 'necking' pints in the crowd, our owner plastering **** signs all over our stadium selling all our players and making a profit every transfer window that passes. As for Lerner, seems from the outside like he's always backed his managers. In O'Neills first 2 seasons he must have given him about 80m to spend on good players like downing, young, milner etc. and even last season splashing out on Bent for your gaffer is much more than we could expect from our mob. I'll never understand the cheering and banners when we got relegated from your lot but as a whole, I just see Villa as a decent team capable of finishing anywhere from 5th to 15th.
...also Steve Bruce can ***** right off! Useless tactically inept *****wit.
Castle and Villa are similar to be fair - although Villa have won more and have a better chairman etc. As a die hard Villain I must admit Castle are my 2nd club in the prem as I was a huge biker grove fan back in the day!
I don't agree to mindless abuse targetted at Villa fans, or even Everton fans. They did plenty of such towards us though, remember. Everton are quickly becoming the side that fades into the scenery. Voices from nowhere, forever whining and complaining and claiming to be in the "Big 5" - while having the monumental GALL to call us whatever the national rags tell them. Villa fans - how about actually PROVING you are loyal supporters and a "big club" by TURNING UP AT GAMES ? Villa ARE a big club. We have never said otherwise. As are Everton. Yet WE get called "delusional" for thinking the same. With bigger gates, and a national press that seems bloody obsessed with us, while at the same time saying we "aren't a big club" - talk about double meanings !!! If we aren't, why the interest ? Everton certainly are in the running for the part of "Hans Moleman" of the Simpsons, or maybe Moe Szislak would be more accurate - "Look at me ! I'm as interesting as them !" Who would Villa be ? Disco Stu, who thinks he's a big part but isn't ? Us ? Homer. Blundering from one disaster to another, baffled by bad feeling he isn't responsible for and getting sick of shouting D'OH !!! at the latest from his club. Timmsy - good call, mate - but it's "Byker" - named by Danish Vikings and means - "The marshy place by the Wall" (Hadrians wall) as is Walker next to it. "The place by the Wall"
Roman history fan
Villa supporters clearly did themselves no favours on the NUFC relegation. The protests over McLeish would tend to reinforce their nature. We got our revenge in the 6-0 win at SJP last season. In the spirit of future friendship, I would like to propose a solution to the mess. Why don't we take McLeish on at NUFC and give the Villa fans what they want, a manager with an affinity to claret and blue? Purely in the interests of a diplomatic solution, you can have Pardew instead.
Thanks for taking the time to reply guys. I have only 1 more question. Why have you sold Nolan??????
We didn't, Ashley did.

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