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NUFC Fans View - TNMW (03/01/2013)

Newcastle DisUnited (07/01/2013)

Pardew's Coaching Defeat (08/01/2013)

Sir Bobby`s Charity Celebrates 70,000 Donation (09/01/2013)

NUFC Fans View - AMac (11/01/2013)

NUFC Prepare To Say Adios To Coloccini. (13/01/2013)

Teeside Support For Sir Bobby's Cancer Charity (14/01/2013)

So What Next For NUFC? (15/01/2013)

Sir Bobby Robson National Football Day (16/01/2013)

Touch and Go (18/01/2013)

VIDEO: Pardew Pays Tribute To Newcastle Fans (18/01/2013)

Pardew Problems (20/01/2013)

Pardew's Shopping List (21/01/2013)

NUFC Spending Spree (22/01/2013)

Is Coloccini Here In Mind As Well As Body? (23/01/2013)

Yoan Gouffran Over The Line (23/01/2013)

Robbie Elliott Gets Football Writers Recognition (24/01/2013)

Massaido Haidara The Latest To Join Le Toon (24/01/2013)

SBR Charity Is Celebrity NUFC Fan's Choice (25/01/2013)

United In Sussoko Swoop (25/01/2013)

No More NUFC Transfer Movement? (28/01/2013)

NUFC Revenge of Sorts (29/01/2013)

Coloccini Leads By Example (30/01/2013)

Pardew Loses The Tactical Battle (30/01/2013)

Unfinished Business (30/01/2013)

Wey Eye Cabaye (30/01/2013)

Sir Bobby - A Celebration (31/01/2013)

NUFC's Crown Jewels Are Staying (31/01/2013)

NUFC Transfer Bits and Pieces (31/01/2013)

Golf Club Efforts 'Fore` SBR Foundation (01/02/2013)

Pardew's Summer Striker List (01/02/2013)

Newcastle Submit Premier League Squad (01/02/2013)

Stats: Newcastle v Chelsea (03/02/2013)

Thanks Abuela Gutierrez (03/02/2013)

Tiote Cheicks Out (03/02/2013)

Danny Simpson Returns To Action (04/02/2013)

NUFC Legend Back In Rehab. (04/02/2013)

Not Such A Wee Club. (04/02/2013)

Nine Senior Players In Exodus From NUFC (05/02/2013)

The NUFC Feel Good Factor (05/02/2013)

Newcastle United's Future Plans (06/02/2013)

Revised Newcastle United Europa League Squad (06/02/2013)

NUFC International Round-Up (07/02/2013)

Llambias Speaks (07/02/2013)

VIDEO: Financial Restrictions Set For Top Flight (08/02/2013)

Football Aid 2013 - Play at St. James' Park! (08/02/2013)

Who Said They Were Not So Hot-Spurs? (08/02/2013)

Stats: Spurs v Newcastle United (09/02/2013)

Gazza Takes A Turn (10/02/2013)

Pardew Targets Europa League Glory (12/02/2013)

Sir Bobby - A Celebration Supported By Virgin (13/02/2013)

The Police Have Tiote In Chieck Mate (13/02/2013)

VIDEO: Coloccini Reveals Reasons For Wanting To Go (14/02/2013)

Win Newcastle Signatures And Help Cure Leukaemia (14/02/2013)

Stats: Newcastle United v Metalist Kharkiv (14/02/2013)

Pardew Vents at 'Legal' Goals (15/02/2013)

Simpson Wont Leave On The Quiet (16/02/2013)

Not Counting Any Chickens (17/02/2013)

Mbiwa Targets Euro Glory (18/02/2013)

Sir Bobby Robson at 80 (18/02/2013)

Ben Arfa - The Small Hand That Makes Us Tick. (19/02/2013)

Sir Bobby - A Celebration Supported By Virgin (19/02/2013)

United Rallies 'Le Toon Army' (20/02/2013)

Coloccini Saga Brushed Under The Carpet (21/02/2013)

We Can Win The Europa League - Pardew (21/02/2013)

Ben Arfa Being Eased Back Into The Fold (21/02/2013)

Stats: FC Metalist Kharkiv v Newcastle United (21/02/2013)

Anzhi Awaits The Magpies (21/02/2013)

Stats: Newcastle United v Southampton (24/02/2013)

An Alan Shearer Moment....... Almost. (24/02/2013)

VIDEO: Newcastle Headed For Top 10 - Pardew (25/02/2013)

There's Only One Ameobi. (25/02/2013)

NUFC On The Slide (25/02/2013)

Anzhi Makhachkala Travel Advice (26/02/2013)

Stoke Home Game Moved As Expected (26/02/2013)

Fergie Gets The Blues (28/02/2013)

Injuries Are Dictating NUFC Headlines Again (01/03/2013)

Ranger Departure Short and Sweet (01/03/2013)

Stats: Swansea City v Newcastle United (02/03/2013)

Frustrating, Yes, But Highly Preventable. (03/03/2013)

Potential Match Winner If Given Arfa Chance (05/03/2013)

Moscow Calling (06/03/2013)

Sir Bobby - 'A Celebration' Programmes Available (06/03/2013)

'I Hope We Can Win The Europa League' - Ben Arfa (07/03/2013)

NUFC v Stoke Match Analysis (10/03/2013)

Vital F1... If It's F1, It's Vital! (11/03/2013)

Shola - Lucky or Unsung Hero? (14/03/2013)

Allez Le Toon (14/03/2013)

Stats: Newcastle United v Anzhi Makhachkala (14/03/2013)

Benfica Stand In The Way Of Magpies Progression. (15/03/2013)

The Hitman and Hai (18/03/2013)

Mackem Game Moved (18/03/2013)

Steven Taylor Gains Call Up By Default (19/03/2013)

Colo Allowed To Leave Via An Ingenious Plan (21/03/2013)

Haidara Shock (21/03/2013)

Shearer Isn't Worried But....... (22/03/2013)

Sir Bobby's Legacy - 5 Million and 5 Years On (25/03/2013)

F.A. Need To Draw The Line (26/03/2013)

Healthy Times Need A Healthy Ambition (27/03/2013)

Llambias Makes A Spending Promise (28/03/2013)

VIDEO: Newcastle Among World's Top 20 Earners (28/03/2013)

Derby 'Rivals' Prepare For Tee Off (28/03/2013)

Free Money For All Vital Football Readers (29/03/2013)

NUFC Legend To Be Honoured (29/03/2013)

NUFC Fans In Police Warning. (30/03/2013)

Europe An Unwanted Distraction (30/03/2013)

The Resurrection. (02/04/2013)

NUFC In Portugal To Face Benfica (02/04/2013)

Stats: Benfica v Newcastle United (04/04/2013)

Young Fund Raiser Gets NUFC Mascot Honour (05/04/2013)

Sir Bobby Robson - A Celebration Programmes Update (06/04/2013)

Stats: Newcastle United v Fulham (07/04/2013)

VIDEO: Late Winner Was A 'Big Moment' - Pardew (08/04/2013)

Tyne/Wear Derby of Golf (09/04/2013)

NUFC Not Good Enough For Me (12/04/2013)

The Professional NUFC Fans (14/04/2013)

Pardew Is Out Of His Depth (14/04/2013)

VIDEO: Pardew Blames Tiredness For Derby Defeat (15/04/2013)

24 Hours, 100 Miles And A Fridge (16/04/2013)

FSF - Twenty's Plenty for Away Tickets Petition (18/04/2013)

Stats: West Brom v Newcastle United (20/04/2013)

No More Excuses (21/04/2013)

24 Hour Challenge 'Coolly' Completed. (21/04/2013)

Tic Tac Toe (23/04/2013)

Cisse Fire (24/04/2013)

Celebrity Golf Day In Aid of SBR Foundation. (24/04/2013)

The Bigger Picture (26/04/2013)

Pardew To Be Sacked? (26/04/2013)

Opposition View - Liverpool (27/04/2013)

As Long As People Sit On Their Hands. (28/04/2013)

VIDEO: I'm Worried - Pardew (29/04/2013)

Sir Bobby's Breakthrough Auction (29/04/2013)

Level Heads (30/04/2013)

Colo's Perfect Parting Gift (30/04/2013)

Facts Not Rumours (30/04/2013)

Rift....What Rift? (01/05/2013)

VIDEO'S: Rift Fears & Clause Farce (03/05/2013)

Commited For Now (03/05/2013)

You Can't Be Serious Alan. (03/05/2013)

Self Inflicted Misery (07/05/2013)

Pardew Not Fit To Lace Fergie's Boots (09/05/2013)

David Ginola Takes A Swipe (09/05/2013)

383 Premier League players sign up to Support Stan (10/05/2013)

Pardew's 'Clear The Air' Talks (10/05/2013)

The Blame Game. (11/05/2013)

Win or Bust (12/05/2013)

Stats: QPR v Newcastle United (12/05/2013)

The Next NUFC Manager (13/05/2013)

Is Football More Than Just A Game? (13/05/2013)

Leading By Example (16/05/2013)

The Weight Of The Shirt (17/05/2013)

Stats: Newcastle United v Arsenal (19/05/2013)

The Reality Of Newcastle United (20/05/2013)

The Abuse Of NUFC Has To End. Now!! (21/05/2013)

Carroll Linked With NUFC (Again) (21/05/2013)

Decision time? (23/05/2013)

Lack of ambition confirmed! (23/05/2013)

10th or Else (23/05/2013)

More NUFC Spin (24/05/2013)

Things are looking good after all! (25/05/2013)

NUFC Pre-Season Rumours (29/05/2013)

NUFC Need A Lift (30/05/2013)

French Recruits Promise More (30/05/2013)

Backing A Winner For Sir Bobby. (30/05/2013)

Signing Lukaku Would Lift The Toon (02/06/2013)

Tiote May Be Sold Against His Will (03/06/2013)

Pre Season Shambles (04/06/2013)

ToTT Blog (1) (05/06/2013)

NUFC - The Living Nightmare (06/06/2013)

Silly (Pre)Season (09/06/2013)

Close To Home. (10/06/2013)

Why Doesn't Mike Ashley Want NUFC To Succeed? (10/06/2013)

NUFC Fans View - The Owl (14/06/2013)

The Robson 5's (14/06/2013)

A Step In The Right Direction (14/06/2013)

Hotting Up (15/06/2013)

NO! NO! NO! (16/06/2013)

Nightmare or Reality (17/06/2013)

Newcastle United Is Dying (17/06/2013)

Kinnear In Car Crash Drama (17/06/2013)

Ashley, We Don't Want You Here. (18/06/2013)

Madness Confirmed. (18/06/2013)

NUFC Fixtures 2013/14 (19/06/2013)

Llambias Quits (19/06/2013)

So What Next For Newcastle United? (19/06/2013)

Pardew - 'I Am Staying!' (19/06/2013)


Shearer Sickened (20/06/2013)

Why Is Ashley Allowing Turmoil To Reign Supreme? (20/06/2013)

Carr-Mageddon? (21/06/2013)

Taxi For Tiote (21/06/2013)

The Opposition Builds (23/06/2013)

Poyet Whispers (23/06/2013)

Putting The United Back Into Newcastle. (24/06/2013)

Better Late Than Never. (24/06/2013)

A Channelled Vent (24/06/2013)

In Brief (29/06/2013)

Owen Trying To Sweeten Us Up? (29/06/2013)

A Massive Week For NUFC (30/06/2013)

NUFC Needs An Exorcism (02/07/2013)

James Ready To Fly His Perch (02/07/2013)

No Way To Run A Club (03/07/2013)

Harper's Testimonial Attraction (03/07/2013)

Pardew Giving Joke A Chance, For Now. (08/07/2013)

Desperate Dan Prepares For Trip To The Palace. (08/07/2013)

VIDEO: Kinnear Needs To Show Respect - Pardew (09/07/2013)

Walking Away From The Game (11/07/2013)

NUFC Satelitte TV Games (11/07/2013)

FA Announce Sir Bobby National Day (16/07/2013)

NUFC And The Ingenious Goal-line Technology Plan (17/07/2013)

A Cat Amongst The Pigeons? (17/07/2013)

Still No Incoming (22/07/2013)

The Fans Watch On As The Abuse of NUFC Continues. (23/07/2013)

Norse Challenge 10k (23/07/2013)

Charity Bowled Over By Cricketing Support (24/07/2013)

Sir Bobby Helps 'Reach For The Stars' (24/07/2013)

Gosling 'Not Invited' To The Palace (24/07/2013)

Now Cisse Has No Problem Advertising Pay Day Loans (25/07/2013)

Unfit For Purpose (26/07/2013)

Private NUFC Battle Intensifies (28/07/2013)

Harper Officially Launches '20 Year' Game (31/07/2013)

VIDEO: Cisse To Put Sponsor Row Behind Him (31/07/2013)

Tony's Incredible Final Challenge (01/08/2013)

Who Is Bafetimbi Gomis? (02/08/2013)

More Kinnear Lies? (04/08/2013)

Remy 'Loics' To Be Incoming (05/08/2013)

VIDEO: Remy Joins Newcastle On Loan (06/08/2013)

Gomis Deal In Limbo (07/08/2013)

Is Pardew The Biggest Obstacle To NUFC Success? (07/08/2013)

More (Pain to) Cambe? (08/08/2013)

NUFC Call Ups Threaten Disruption (08/08/2013)

AVB Supports Sir Bobby's Online Charity Auction (08/08/2013)

VIDEO: Hawk-Eye Is Ready For Premier League (09/08/2013)

NUFC Aren't Ready For Season Start. (09/08/2013)

Cabaye Quiet But The Whispers Are Loud (09/08/2013)

National Eyes On Morecambe Cup Game (09/08/2013)

Once More For Bobby (10/08/2013)

Pardew Invites Bids For Cabaye (12/08/2013)

The Reality Of Where NUFC Are At. (14/08/2013)

Newcastle Play The Numbers Game. (15/08/2013)

Fridge Fundraiser Returns Home (18/08/2013)

Once In A Blue Moon (18/08/2013)

Pardew Heaps Pressure On Ben Arfa (19/08/2013)

Coloccini Focused For Now (19/08/2013)

Why Can't Newcastle United Compete? (19/08/2013)

An Art So Simple But Yet Sophisticated (19/08/2013)

Don't Sell Cabaye. Unless........ (19/08/2013)

Pardew Needs To Grow A Pair. (19/08/2013)

Stats: Manchester City v Newcastle United (19/08/2013)

Fan Furore Increases. (20/08/2013)

'Nothing Imminent' (20/08/2013)

Arsenal v PSG Auction For Cabaye (20/08/2013)

The Three Wise Men (20/08/2013)

NUFC Not Short Of A Trick (21/08/2013)

NUFC Rumours Damage Us Just As Much As Ashley. (21/08/2013)

Lopsided (21/08/2013)

Taking The Pea. (22/08/2013)

Cabaye-Gate Still Unresolved (22/08/2013)

Prepare To Be Hammered (23/08/2013)

Pardew Continues To Extract The Urine (23/08/2013)

The Final Word (23/08/2013)

NUFC v West Ham Match Thread (24/08/2013)

Haidara Setback (24/08/2013)

Stats: Newcastle United v West Ham Utd (25/08/2013)

Did Cabaye Really Refuse To Play Again? (25/08/2013)

Congratulations Alan, 100 not out .. YET! (25/08/2013)

'I Don't Understand' - Kinnear (26/08/2013)

Ba Humbug (28/08/2013)

Gomis Still being Mentioned (28/08/2013)

Interesting Cabaye Thoughts. (28/08/2013)

6 Weeks Until Sir Bobby's Charity Auction (28/08/2013)

Arise The Morecambe Slayers!! (28/08/2013)

A Home Cup Game (28/08/2013)

Shola's landmarks (29/08/2013)

NUFC v Fulham Match Preview (31/08/2013)

Fulham Match Verdict (31/08/2013)

Runs In The Family (01/09/2013)

Stats: Newcastle United v Fulham (01/09/2013)

Positive News (02/09/2013)

The Joe Kinnear Smoke Screen (02/09/2013)

Failed? (02/09/2013)

The cold light of day - figures talk (03/09/2013)

Focus On Cabaye (04/09/2013)

SBR Foundation New Cancer Research Equipment (04/09/2013)

England Items For Bobby's Auction (05/09/2013)

United Announce Premier League Squad (05/09/2013)

Exclusive - Kinnear window statement (06/09/2013)

The Point Of No Return (08/09/2013)

Fixture Changes (09/09/2013)

Harper's '20 Year' Squads (09/09/2013)

Agent Kinnear Strikes Again (09/09/2013)

Proud To Be A Geordie (10/09/2013)

Charity Wins The Steve Harper Testimonial (11/09/2013)

A 'Cool' Finish To Epic Challenge (12/09/2013)

Tiote Gets A Trial (12/09/2013)

When Will The Pardew Lies End? (12/09/2013)

Cabaye Gets His Head Down (14/09/2013)

Stats: Aston Villa v Newcastle United (14/09/2013)

Back To The Old Routine (14/09/2013)

Cabaye As Important As Rooney (15/09/2013)

Dyer Named Ambassador (16/09/2013)

VIDEO: Cabaye Close To Redemption - Pardew (17/09/2013)

Pardew Announces Cabaye Discipline. (19/09/2013)

Pardew Not Up To The Task (21/09/2013)

Mourinho Donates To Bobby's Charity (23/09/2013)

Less Than 3 Weeks Until Sir Bobby's Auction (24/09/2013)

Promises And Lies (24/09/2013)

An Unwanted Fixture (26/09/2013)

The Seven Year Itch (28/09/2013)

Everton v NUFC Line Ups and Match Thread (30/09/2013)

Alan Pardew Sacked (30/09/2013)

Weekly whinge (01/10/2013)

Thoughts On Pardew (01/10/2013)

2 Weeks To Go Until Bobby's Auction (01/10/2013)

VIDEO: Pardew Understands Refund-Hungry Fans (01/10/2013)

Toon Call Ups (03/10/2013)

Gosling Off To Blackpool (04/10/2013)

Stats: Cardiff City v Newcastle United (05/10/2013)

Run Geordie Run Does Oz (08/10/2013)

More Televised Games For NUFC (09/10/2013)

Sir Bobby's Auction Goes Live (10/10/2013)

Cisse Expects Goals To Flow (11/10/2013)

NUFC International Round Up (12/10/2013)

All Quiet Apart From Internationals (14/10/2013)

Pardew Playing With Fire (14/10/2013)

Coloccini Concerns (15/10/2013)

Shearer's 'Run Geordie Run' Oz Send Off (16/10/2013)

The Silent Protesters (16/10/2013)

View From Anfield (17/10/2013)

Remy NUFC Future Unclear (18/10/2013)

Big Test For Limited Ability (18/10/2013)

Haidara Aims To Become Noticed (18/10/2013)

Keeping Ryan In The Loop (18/10/2013)

NUFC v Liverpool Preview (18/10/2013)

Newcastle v Liverpool - Gallowgate View (19/10/2013)

Stats: Newcastle United v Liverpool (20/10/2013)

Special Mention (20/10/2013)

Reply to Joe Kinnear (20/10/2013)

So What Now For Cisse? (20/10/2013)

Colo Avoids The Weirdside Air (21/10/2013)

Your Nominations Wanted For The FSF Awards (22/10/2013)

Another Colo Smokescreen? (22/10/2013)

We Told You So! (22/10/2013)

Ronaldo Joins Sir Bobby's Auction (24/10/2013)

Captain Needs To Keep His Head (24/10/2013)

Eh?? (25/10/2013)

Tyne and Wear Support For Bobby's Auction (25/10/2013)

Following up Time 4 Change, a collaboration? (25/10/2013)

Keep Your Heads (26/10/2013)

Mackems v NUFC Early Team News (26/10/2013)

Enjoy Remy Whilst He's Here (27/10/2013)

Wear/Tyne Squads Plus Match Thread (27/10/2013)

Ashley's NUFC Try To Gag Opinion (27/10/2013)

Censorship at NUFC? (27/10/2013)

Football Aid 2014 - Play At St James' Park! (28/10/2013)

Sir Bobby's Auction Raises Over 350,000 (28/10/2013)

Tiote Fakes A Pass(port) (29/10/2013)

Pardew On Tiote's Brush With The Law (29/10/2013)

Pardew Goes Against The Grain (29/10/2013)

NUFC v Man City Match Thread (30/10/2013)

NUFC v Man City Team News (30/10/2013)

Stats: Newcastle United v Manchester City (30/10/2013)

Toon Crisis (31/10/2013)

Is Relegation, The Fans New Ambition? (31/10/2013)

World War Toon (01/11/2013)

NUFC v Chelsea Early Team News (01/11/2013)

Newcastle Thoughts (02/11/2013)

Newcastle v Chelsea - Gallowgate View (02/11/2013)

Great result, appalling interview (03/11/2013)

Another NUFC Date On TV (04/11/2013)

Ashley Is No Fan (04/11/2013)

Results Always Dictate The Main Mood (04/11/2013)

Cabaye Still Being Banded Around For Sale (04/11/2013)

Colo Close To Return (05/11/2013)

The Final Solution of The Ashley Debacle (05/11/2013)

Colo Urges NUFC To Accept Criticism (07/11/2013)

Magpie Call Ups (07/11/2013)

Pardew To Leave? (07/11/2013)

Spurs v NUFC Early Team News (08/11/2013)

Newcastle To Change Kit Manufacturers? (08/11/2013)

Spurs v NUFC Confirmed Teams (10/11/2013)

Stats: Tottenham Hotspur v Newcastle United (10/11/2013)

Reflections On Spurs v NUFC (10/11/2013)

Krul On Us (11/11/2013)

Expect The Unexpected, Whatever That Is. (12/11/2013)

Remy Roulette (13/11/2013)

Santon May Make The RIGHT Move (13/11/2013)

Gosling Wants To Stay Beside The Seaside. (15/11/2013)

Less Talk More Action (15/11/2013)

Steven Taylor Joins Exclusive Club (15/11/2013)

Mixed World Cup News (16/11/2013)

It's Only November For Gods Sake (17/11/2013)

Cabaye And Co Qualify For World Cup Finals (19/11/2013)

Colo Still Dreams Of San Lorenzo (22/11/2013)

Common Sense Prevails After Taylor's Tweet (22/11/2013)

NUFC v Norwich Match Thread (23/11/2013)

NUFC v Norwich Confirmed Line Ups (23/11/2013)

Newcastle v Norwich - Gallowgate View (23/11/2013)

Cabaye States Ambition As The Key (26/11/2013)

NUFC v WBA Pre Game Talk (28/11/2013)

Time For Alan Pardew To Learn From His Mistakes (29/11/2013)

Newcastle v WBA - Gallowgate View (01/12/2013)

Swansea v NUFC Early Build Up (03/12/2013)

Sissoko Keeps His Feet On The Ground (04/12/2013)

Swansea v NUFC Line Ups (04/12/2013)

Ben Arfa Can Use Ban To Drive On (06/12/2013)

Barclays Awards (06/12/2013)

VIDEO: Rooney Suspension A Mixed Blessing - Pardew (06/12/2013)

NUFC's Monumental Task (07/12/2013)

Man Utd v NUFC Confirmed Line Ups (07/12/2013)

What has changed since 1972? (07/12/2013)

Stats: Man Utd v Newcastle United (08/12/2013)

The Magpies Draw The Bluebirds (08/12/2013)

Man Utd Victory The Catalyst For Greater Things? (09/12/2013)

Praise For Ben Arfa (09/12/2013)

Happy Anniversary Alan (09/12/2013)

Villa Home Game Moved For TV (10/12/2013)

Shola's Off To Brazil Via Hull? (10/12/2013)

Shearer Wants Zero Tolerance For Fixers (10/12/2013)

Logic Is Staring Ashley In The Face But...... (12/12/2013)

NUFC's Cash For Access Idea (12/12/2013)

Shearer Speaks On His Return (12/12/2013)

Ready Made Secret Excuse For No NUFC Spend (12/12/2013)

NUFC v Southampton Thoughts (13/12/2013)

Newcastle v Southampton - Gallowgate View (15/12/2013)

Play at St James' Park - The Perfect Xmas Gift! (16/12/2013)

The NUFC Spin Conveyor Belt (19/12/2013)

Villa Change Confirmed (19/12/2013)

The Last Taboo Of Football Supporters (19/12/2013)

Crystal Palace v NUFC Early Team News (20/12/2013)

Confirmed Crystal Palace v NUFC Line Ups (21/12/2013)

Seasonal Thanks From Talk of the Tyne (25/12/2013)

NUFC v Stoke Pre Game View (26/12/2013)

Newcastle v Stoke - Gallowgate View (27/12/2013)

NUFC v Arsenal Preview (28/12/2013)

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